Priority Freight

Speedwings Shipping and Logistics are designed for clients with heavyweight shipments. Service options are available to accommodate a broad range of transit time requirements.

Our highest level of freight service, Priority Freight is for your high value, most time-sensitive bulk international shipping


A more economical option than Priority when shipping to Mali and internationally, Standard Freight is for your high value and medium value time-sensitive freight.

When you need to ship oversized or heavy freight, you can rely on Speedwings Shipping and Logistics to get your shipment where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Speedwings Shipping and Logistics provides premium less-than-truckload (LTL) freight services to meet your complex and specialized shipping requirements, giving you greater flexibility to meet the needs of your customers.
Speedwings Shipping and Logistics brings shipping to a new level by offering advanced capabilities and benefits not available today with other carriers.
With Speedwings Shipping and Logistics, your shipment is backed by the resources, support and the coast-to-coast coverage of Mali’s largest courier company, so you can be assured that your goods are delivered on time. If you have sophisticated transportation and distribution requirements, Speedwings Shipping and Logistics is the ideal solution – and your competitive advantage.


As part of our financial management services, we offer a wide range of financial assistance to both individual and corporate clients who need money to either clear or forward their goods.
Speedwings Shipping and Logistics have come with this to rescue our clients from cost of demurrage and to make delivery just in time.